Holly Cummins

Productivity is Messing Around and Having Fun

2024-06-25 Gradle DPE Tour Trisha Gee and Holly Cumminsfun

What is the happy path, for developers? It’s less boredom, and more play.

Developer satisfaction, developer joy, and business results are strongly correlated. And yet - many of our jobs are frustrating, filled with friction, and free of joy. What’s going on? How do we fix that? Is annoying waste inevitable? Can developer performance be tuned? Are productivity measurements helping or hurting us? How do we deal with fear at work? Will AI take our jobs? Finally, how can you persuade management to invest in boredom?

Holly is an expert on play at work, unwise automations, and polar bears. Trisha is an expert on performance tuning, tooling and productivity. Come to this talk to find out what these topics have in common.