Holly Cummins

Health Center 1.0 released

2009-06-16 holly cumminsjava

Last week was a big week for the Health Center team. Version 1.0 of the Health Center was released. Full installation instructions are available from the Health Center homepage. It now works with IBM Support Assistant and is suitable for use in production (with recent IBM JVMs). A method profiler that’s got a low enough overhead to be used in production and left on all the time is a pretty special thing, I think. One which is only part of a tool which also assesses system stability, triages a range of performance problems, and makes performance tuning accessible to non-experts is even more special, I think.

To celebrate the whole team baked and brought in carrot cake, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, lemon cake, rocky road squares, and flapjacks. We even had balloons. It was very nice but I’ve never eaten so much at work and I think we were all ready to explode by the afternoon - in future I think we should delegate and have only half the team bake per release.

Holly Cummins

Holly Cummins. Holly Cummins is a Senior Technical Staff Member and Innovation Leader at IBM. Holly has used technology to enable innovation, for clients across a range of industries, from banking to catering to retail to NGOs. During her time as a lead developer in the IBM Garage, she has led projects to count fish, help a blind athlete run ultra-marathons in the desert solo, improve health care for the elderly, and change how city parking works. Holly is also an Oracle Java Champion, IBM Q Ambassador, and JavaOne Rock Star. Before joining the IBM Garage, she was Delivery Lead for the WebSphere Liberty Profile (now Open Liberty). Holly co-authored Manning’s Enterprise OSGi in Action and is a regular keynote speaker. She is an active speaker and has spoken at KubeCon (keynote), GOTO, JavaOne, Devoxx, Sonar+D, JavaZone, JFokus, The ServerSide Java Symposium, GOTO, JAX London, QCon, GeeCon, and the Great Indian Developer Summit, as well as a number of user groups.