Holly Cummins

The Cloud Should be Fun … and if not, you're probably doing it wrong

2022-12-13 WTFinar Holly Cumminsfun

Some days, everything seem like it’s hard, and getting harder. Credentials, and configurations, and audits, and provisioning, and checklists, and versions, and tracing, and where is that bug?

Is the cloud helping, or hurting? Does the cloud make our work more enjoyable? Is that even the right question? Should our work even be enjoyable, or should we resign ourselves to ever longer yaml files? It may not be the explanation you should put in your end of year assessment, but “fun” is actually a reasonable heuristic for evaluating technologies. The cloud can be an amazingly fun place - but only if we do it right. In this talk, Holly will share some of the organisational and technical anti-patterns that turn cloud from the good place into the bad place, and why happiness is important.